If you’re looking for the perfect pet shark, there are a few things to consider. The right filtration is essential, and water circulation should mimic a shark’s natural environment. Water temperature must also be kept stable. Aquatic heaters can be used to achieve this. Proper filtration will also help keep the water temperature steady.

Coral catshark

The Coral catshark is an excellent aquarium pet shark for a variety of reasons. This species is found in the western Indian Ocean and lives in shallow waters around coral reefs. It has long tube-like bodies and cat-like eyes. Its coloring is gray with black and white bars. These animals are small and can fit into small spaces.

Red Tail Shark

The Red Tail Shark is a fairly hardy fish and can live for several years in an aquarium. However, it is still a delicate fish and needs good water conditions. For instance, it is sensitive to nitrites and must be kept in a tank with high-quality water.

Iridescent sharks

Generally, iridescent sharks are peaceful aquarium pets. They will eat small fish, snails, and crabs, but most of the time they will make good tankmates. You can try them in an aquarium with other large fish such as Redtail sharks but be aware that they can be territorial. Other fish that can scare or annoy them include Silver Arowana, Piranha, and Molly fish.

Rainbow sharks

If you’re looking for an aquarium pet shark that is easy to maintain and care for, a rainbow shark might be the right one for you. These colorful sharks are omnivorous in their natural habitat. However, you should not feed them too much. You can feed them algae tablets or flake food. Rainbow sharks need a well-balanced diet to remain healthy.

Bala Sharks

Bala Sharks are a common fish in the aquarium trade. They can grow up to 12 inches in length and are excellent swimming fish. Their natural habitat is warm tropical lakes and rivers. They are highly active and often school together. If kept alone, they can become nervous and destructive. Bala Sharks have an average life expectancy of eight to ten years. They need a tank that’s at least 150 gallons in size and has plenty of open space for swimming.

White-spotted bamboo shark

If you’re considering a bamboo shark as an aquarium pet, you should know a few things. First of all, this species is rare and endangered. The IUCN considers it a Near Threatened species. This fish is part of the family Hemiscyllidae and is native to the Palearctic regions of Asia. It is most common around Madagascar, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.