Brown cats are beautiful creatures that have flat skulls and long straight noses. Their eyes are green and almond-shaped. These cats are extremely rare and have a very elegant appearance. Listed below are the characteristics of each of these cats. For more information on these beautiful cats, please visit our website.

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a rare breed of cat that is all brown with green eyes. Although this breed is small in number nationwide, it has a distinct charm that has won over the hearts of many cat lovers. The breed is a hybrid, developed by crossing a black domestic shorthair cat with a Siamese cat during the late 19th century. At one time, this breed was also known as the “Swiss mountain cat.”


Tonkinese cats are beautiful and lovable. Their short, silky coat is soft and easy to groom. Tonkinese is great pets for people with allergies, as they don’t shed as much. However, it is important to remember to check your Tonkinese regularly for fleas. You should also regularly check their ears for dirt or debris.


The Burmese breed was developed in Britain and the United States from cats that migrated from Burma. In 1930, Dr. Joseph Thompson of San Francisco brought a Burmese cat to the United States from Burma. The cat was walnut brown, with dark points. It was similar to the Siamese but was shorter. In the following years, other breeders followed suit, creating the Burmese breed.


The Burmilla is a beautiful and elegant breed of cat. They are medium sized with a silky, soft coat. Their weight ranges from six to thirteen pounds. Males are slightly larger than females. They also have shiny, smooth fur. They have green eyes and black-rimmed eyes.

Siamese point

Siamese point cats come in two varieties: Seal Point and Chocolate Point. Both types have beautiful, warm brown points, and all of them have deep vivid blue eyes. The Seal Point Siamese has the most variation in body color, beginning with a pale cream coat and fading to a darker brown as it ages.

Burmilla mix

Burmilla cats are an extremely attractive and delicately colored breed of cat. They originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 when two breeds were accidentally mated. A Persian male and a Burmese cat were bred together, creating a beautiful new breed. The owner, Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg, was enchanted by the striking coloration and conformation of the kittens and gave them the name Burmilla. Although this cat breed is still relatively rare, it has recently been recognized by breeding organizations and is becoming more popular in the UK and worldwide.

York Chocolate

York Chocolate cats are beautiful, warm-natured, and affectionate cats. Their luxurious, semi-long coats and almond-shaped eyes make them an excellent choice for a companion. They also have an active and curious temperament. They are medium to large in size and have beautiful, expressive eyes. They love to cuddle and are incredibly affectionate and playful.