Plants are a great addition to any goldfish tank. Some keepers keep their tanks bare, while others keep several plants in the water. Choosing the right plants for your goldfish tank is a personal decision. Some goldfish keepers use live plants, while others keep only artificial plants. You can also use some plants that are edible for goldfish.

Floating thermometer

A floating thermometer for your aquarium for goldfish is a useful tool for monitoring the temperature of your aquarium. There are several types available, including digital and stick-on thermometer strips. All three work by sticking to the glass and indicating the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Airstones are an excellent way to give your goldfish a better environment. They create bubbles on the surface of the water, which helps promote gas exchange. This allows more oxygen to enter the water, which is essential for goldfish’s health. Besides this, airstones also add movement to the water. Without enough movement, your fish will become uncomfortable and irritated.

Marimo ball

A Marimo ball aquarium for goldfish can be a wonderful addition to your aquarium. These balls are made of moss and algae and are a natural home for beneficial bacteria. Marimo balls roll around on the substrate to expose all sides to light, which helps keep algae and bacteria healthy. These moss balls are very easy to maintain and require no special care.

Under gravel filter

An under-gravel filter for goldfish is a good way to keep the water clean and fresh for your goldfish. These filters work by preventing bad anaerobic bacteria from growing in the substrate. They also prevent the accumulation of fish waste, ensuring better overall system health.
Balanced ecosystem

A healthy balance of water conditions is vital to the health of your goldfish. To achieve this, you will need a good filter system and regular water changes. You will also need to provide additional aeration to your aquarium during warmer seasons. Live plants and other decorations are recommended, but keep in mind that larger goldfish will eat some of these plants. Additionally, live plants with sharp edges or abrasive rocks may damage your goldfish’s fins or eye sacs. The substrate is also an important element in the goldfish’s overall well-being, so choose a smooth substrate that doesn’t contain jagged rocks or crushed glass gravel. Also, make sure to provide adequate water flow, as goldfish like to forage in the substrate, so choose a filtration system that can keep the water clean and clear.

Size of tank

Goldfish grow rapidly, and they require an aquarium that is large enough to support their growth. While a 10-gallon tank is sufficient for a single goldfish, you’ll need a larger tank for additional goldfish. A 20-gallon tank can hold two or three goldfish. Fancy goldfish can reach more than 12 inches long, and you’ll need to increase the size of the tank to accommodate three of these creatures.