Ear mites in dogs are irritating pests that can cause intense itching, discomfort, and even ear infections. They live inside your pet’s ear canal, feeding off wax and oils present there.

If your dog is scratching its ears or head, it could have ear mites and should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. These parasites can lead to secondary bacterial and yeast infections if left untreated, which could be potentially dangerous.

Signs of ear mite infestation include scratching around the ears, head, and neck; skin irritation; excessive head shaking; an ear discharge that looks dark and waxy (resembling coffee grounds); as well as an unpleasant odor. Puppies and older dogs typically exhibit these symptoms.

Excessive Itching: Your dog may have ear mites when he starts scratching at his ears or head in an effort to relieve the itching. This can lead to open wounds that are vulnerable to infection.

Dark, Crumbley Discharge: Another common sign of ear mite infestation is a dark, crumbly reddish-brown discharge that looks like coffee grounds in your dog’s ear. This indicates dried blood from scratching at their ears – an obvious indication that they have an infection.

Treatment for ear mites requires both cleaning the ears and administering medication to eliminate them. Your vet can recommend which medication is most suitable for your dog’s individual needs.

Your vet can also teach you how to clean your pet’s ears at home so they can receive effective treatment. It is recommended that you do this on a weekly basis for maximum effectiveness.

Ear Wash Solution: All Ears Wash is an alcohol-based ear wash solution suitable for pets that will help get rid of ear mites and other debris. This ear wash is safe to use on pets while helping maintain a healthy pH balance – essential in keeping your pup’s ears free from mites.

Applying an ear wash solution to your dog’s ears is a relatively painless procedure that just needs some confidence and practice. Hold one side of your dog’s head up, open his ear, and massage its base gently for full coverage.

Utilizing an ear wash solution can help avoid future ear infections and other health issues caused by ear mites. It also maintains a healthy ear canal and promotes hearing in your pup.

You can also try adding garlic oil to your dog’s diet for a natural anti-parasitic. Garlic contains high amounts of sulphur, which ear mites dislike. You can find it at most health stores or make it yourself at home by crushing some cloves of garlic into some olive oil.

Herbalists Mary Wulff and Greg Tilford, authors of Herbs for Pets, recommend garlic oil as an effective treatment against ear mites. Not only that, but garlic oil also acts as a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent.

To prevent ear mites, the best way to prevent them is by not allowing your dog or cat to socialize with other pets. Because these pests are highly contagious, if your dog hasn’t been treated for ear mites before socializing with others, the infestation could spread quickly between pets. You can also keep ear mites at bay by washing bedding, toys, and other common areas in your home regularly.