If you want to train your dog to come when called, try offering your cheek. Simply extend your cheek in front of your dog’s nose and give it a treat when it touches it. You can then pull away from the dog, which will teach him to press his nose against your cheek to get the treat.

Come when called

One of the easiest tricks to teach your dog is to come when you call him. This command requires no special training but requires plenty of enthusiasm on your part. Teaching your dog to come when you call will help him get some off-leash exercise while keeping him safe and happy. The first step is to provide an incentive for your dogs, such as a tasty treat or a favorite toy. Then, call him using an enthusiastic tone, a firm voice, or even a low voice to get your dog’s attention.


Teaching your dog to roll over is one of the simplest tricks to teach. However, it takes a lot of practice and will require your help. It’s best to provide a comfortable training spot where your dog can spend time lying down on its back and side. During the initial training sessions, use a variety of treats and clicker training to encourage the roll. Your dog will move quickly and will need help learning this trick, so clicking can be very useful. You can also teach a marker word for successful rolls. The marker word can help successful bridge attempts to a food reward later.

Drop whatever they have in their mouth

If your dog has a toy in its mouth, one of the easiest tricks to teach them is to drop it. Try introducing the command during playtime. If you want your dog to drop the toy when you say, “Drop it,” give him a treat or cue, and he’ll eventually drop it on command.


The Roll-a-treat trick is one of the simplest tricks you can teach your dog. Start by offering your dog a small treat and luring it through a sequence of rolls. It’s important to use a circular motion when holding the treat and encourage your dog to follow it. This will allow your dog to focus more on the food and not on the rolling motions of his body. Some dogs will even snag the treat without rolling over, so make sure to reward those quick attempts.

Shake hands

There are three methods to teach your dog to shake hands. The first method is to use a hidden treat. The second method involves using a verbal cue to get your dog to extend his paw towards your hand. Be sure to always reward your dog with treats and lots of praise. The third method is to teach your dog to shake hands one paw at a time.

Roll a treat

Rolling a treat is one of the easiest tricks to teach your dog. This trick is essentially a circular motion and is a great way to reward your dog for doing something that you’re happy with. You can give your dog a treat every time he successfully rolls over. Most dogs will need some practice before they are able to roll over, so keep this in mind when teaching this trick.