No matter if your dog is an energetic pup, an older pup with teething issues or simply enjoys chewing toys, having a variety of dog toys can be very beneficial. Not only do these keep them entertained and teach good behaviors, but they also provide distraction when needed for quiet times or out of sight.

Interactive toys come in a wide variety of types, but each should be tailored to your dog’s individual personality. If you have a terrier, then try getting them a ball-launching toy; on the other hand, bulldogs often prefer tug-of-war toys so look for products designed specifically for that play style.

Treat-dispensing toys are a popular category, and most of them require your dog to manipulate their nose or paws in order to get treats out of the holes. These toys can range from the simple KONG Classic model up to more advanced options that dispense treats using electrical signals.

Riley (an energetic Dodo puppy who’s currently teething) loved the KONG Wobbler. This dog toy is hollow inside and features a hole that slowly releases food when your pup pushes it over. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe so cleaning is extra simple too!

Teething dogs require plenty of chewing and gnawing stimulation to relieve their pain and discomfort. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a number of chew toys that work great for this purpose.

Dog toys come in a wide variety of sizes, from stuffed animal-like versions for dogs to plush rubber toys they can suck on or chew. There’s even something specifically designed for smaller or older pups!

These chew toys are ideal for dogs that are teething, as they encourage chewing on both small and hard objects. Small puppies can easily grasp them and chomp away, providing entertainment while you’re attending to other tasks.

Licking mats are another great chew toy option for dogs who are teething. They come in various shapes and sizes, such as the popular KONG Hide-N-Slide toy which requires your pup to manipulate sliding and spinning covers to reveal treats hidden within. While these mats may be ideal for puppies who haven’t yet developed the ability to rip apart toys, they may prove challenging for adult dogs with severe arthritis to break apart, particularly.

Water bottle toys are an ideal option for chewers who are teething, as they provide your pup with something soft to crunch on and chew on. Not only are these easy for any size dog to grasp and snuffle on, but they’re easy to wash after your pup has finished using them.

Tug-n-toss balls are beloved dog toy that comes in various sizes and materials. Inspired by horse toys, these balls bounce, roll, and twist unexpectedly enough for your pup’s entertainment.