You can groom your dog yourself using a range of tools, including scissors and a clipper. Hair of The Dogs Grooming is conveniently located, and there are several parking options to make your trip quick and easy. You can even buy pet supplies at the shop. Hair of The Dogs Grooming is not just about grooming, though.


Hand-stripping for the hair of the dog is an effective way to remove dead hair without hurting the dog. It should be done at least every five to six months or whenever the dog’s coat appears long, dull, or shaggy. Depending on the breed, some dogs may even enjoy the experience.

Nail trimming

Nail trimming for the hair of dogs is an essential task that must be done regularly for your pet. Although your pet will likely protest, you can defuse this situation by applying positive reinforcement and desensitization techniques. In any case, it is best to consult a qualified dog behavior specialist if your pet shows any signs of serious distress.


Before cutting your dog’s hair with scissors, be sure to learn the proper techniques and safety precautions. The proper scissors should produce an even, balanced and velvety finish. They should not leave any stray hairs or scissors marks behind. They should also open smoothly and not waste any blade motion.


Choosing the right shears for shearing the hair of your dog is essential if you are to give your canine the proper grooming. Use curved scissors to avoid cutting the skin or other sensitive areas of your dog. They also have built-in finger rests to add control and prevent unwanted cuts. Whether you’re a dog grooming professional or a first timer, you’ll want to choose the right tool for the job.

Kennel cut

The kennel cut is a practical haircut for dogs. It keeps the dog’s body hair short and cleans up the face and tail. This cut is ideal for dogs that are frequently in or out of a kennel. Short coats are also easier to maintain. The length of the kennel cut depends on the breed. It is generally between a sixteenth to a third of an inch.


To make a topknot for your dog’s hair, it helps to first learn how to do this correctly. Using a comb, part the hair from front to back in a centered triangle. You can use a pin brush to remove any tangles from the hair.

Schnauzer cut

There are several styles of Schnauzer haircuts available. The most popular is the breed standard cut, which varies depending on the dog’s size. The standard cut typically has tight laying fur on the body and longer furnishings on the legs and belly. It also has distinct triangle-shaped eyebrows and a wizened appearance. While this style is traditional, a newer trend involves shaving the dog’s fur short and making it resemble a plush toy.