If you’re looking for health insurance for dogs, there are a few different options available. One of the more popular options is Healthy Paws, which has been around since 2009 and is often listed in the top five. Another good option is Pets Best, which has accident-only coverage and a wellness plan.

Embrace offers alternative therapies

If you have a dog or cat, Embrace offers affordable pet insurance. The insurance covers costs associated with illness, injury, or accidents, as well as preventive care and alternative therapies. Embrace also covers prescription medications and surgeries. This type of insurance is flexible and offers a health savings account that allows you to budget for your dog’s wellness care.

Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan covers routine veterinary care and can be used to treat behavioral problems. Most pet insurance plans don’t cover these types of services but Embrace does. The plan also covers training and grooming services. The cost of these services varies by region, pet type, and age. Embrace also offers discounts for multiple pets, military members, and employees.

Figo offers wellness plan options

Figo offers two different wellness plan options for dogs. Each plan offers different benefits and deductibles. You can choose between the Preferred and Essential levels based on the amount of coverage you need. Regardless of your dog’s age, a policy from Figo can help you pay for routine preventative care, including annual exams.

Figo is a pet insurance company based in Chicago, IL. Its cloud-based platform combines customized healthcare plans and comprehensive insurance coverage. Figo is a member of NAPHIA, the trade organization for pet insurance providers. Currently, Figo offers accident and illness policies in all 50 states. It also recently added wellness plan options to its service.

Pets Best offers accident-only coverage

If you don’t need full coverage for your pet, Pets Best also offers an accident-only insurance plan. It costs $9 a month for dogs and $6 a month for cats. The plan covers accident-related injuries and illnesses. It can also cover routine preventative care, like teeth cleaning and wellness exams.

This plan offers a cheaper alternative to full coverage and is great for pet parents on a budget or those whose dogs have pre-existing health issues. Accident-only pet insurance plans can also include wellness coverage, which helps cover routine care expenses. Rehabilitation coverage can help you cover the costs of physical therapy or hydrotherapy for a chronically ill pet.

Pets Best offers wellness plan options

Pets Best offers two different types of wellness plans for dogs: the Essential and the Plus plan. Both plans cover accidents and illnesses, including exam fees. The Elite plan also includes rehabilitation. The process for enrolling a dog in a plan is quick and online. Customers can select an annual benefit limit, annual deductible, and the coverage amount.

Each plan covers different expenses, including vaccinations and dental cleanings. The Essential Wellness plan covers fewer expenses and does not cover spaying or dental cleanings. On the other hand, the Best Wellness plan covers a larger amount of expenses, up to $150 for each procedure. However, it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. If your dog has a pre-existing condition, you’ll have to pay for that yourself. You can also choose between annual and quarterly billing, and if you have more than one pet, you can pay less each month.