Despite their low maintenance requirements, cats do need attention. They will adjust to your schedule and need time with you for playtime. Even a half-hour per day is enough time to bond with a cat. In addition, cats are low-maintenance and inexpensive to keep.

Feline health

Feline health is important for a number of reasons. The best way to keep your cat in good shape is to provide proper nutrition. A balanced diet is essential for a cat’s optimal cognitive function. In addition to proper nutrition, you can also give your cat educational toys, such as puzzle balls and food mazes, to keep them mentally stimulated. Lastly, it’s a good idea to train your cat, such as teaching it tricks and leash training.

Low maintenance

Cats are known to be low-maintenance pets, which means they require little care from the owner. However, their grooming habits do require some time and effort. For example, they do need to be fed regularly and their litter box should be clean every day. There are also self-cleaning litter boxes that can save you time. Some people like to keep fish in their homes, but these require regularly cleaning, as well.


Quiet cats are very easy to care for. They are friendly and get along with people and other animals. They are very affectionate and enjoy cuddling and petting. They are also easy to train, as they can communicate through their body language.


There are many types of cats that are inexpensive to care for. Persians, for example, are one of the more affordable varieties. These cats are very active and can be a great addition to a family with young children. Persian cats are also very friendly and are generally good with children.

Long life span

The life expectancy of cats has increased significantly over the years. A house cat can live up to twenty years if properly cared for, fed, and exercised. Some cats can even live much longer than that. These cats are referred to as centenarians of the cat world.

Lack of anal glands

Cats’ anal glands produce a dark, pungent fluid used as a mark of territory. These glands are usually empty during firm bowel movements, but sometimes they become impacted. This can lead to constipation, which can be very uncomfortable for the cat. Other anal gland problems include infections and abscesses.

Cost of non-core vaccines

While core cat vaccinations protect against common diseases, there are also non-core vaccines that are given to cats that are at risk for certain diseases. These vaccines protect cats from diseases such as feline calicivirus, feline rhinotracheitis, and panleukopenia. Some veterinarians recommend non-core vaccines to protect your cat from these diseases.

Cost of cat scratching post

A cat scratching post can run anywhere from $15 to more than $100. You’ll want to choose a post that fits your pet’s size and style, but the higher price does not necessarily mean it’s better.