If you’re interested in a career as a dog groomer, there are several steps you can take. There are certifications, on-the-job training, and volunteer programs you can take. This article will go over the basics of the job and what you’ll need to get started.


If you have a love of animals and would like to be a dog groomer, you can volunteer to help other people groom dogs. You can help friends and family members with their grooming needs and offer to help at animal shelters. You can also learn the necessary skills by training in a dog grooming school. By becoming a professional dog groomer, you can get a certificate that will help you land a job or even open your own business.

When you first start volunteering to become a dog groomer, it’s a good idea to start small and offer your services to dog owners in need. Volunteering at a local dog shelter or animal rescue can help you gain valuable experience, and you might also make some new friends.


Before pursuing a career in dog grooming, you should become familiar with the various options available for training. Whether you plan to become a mobile groomer or open a salon, you must first decide which type of training you want to pursue. You can either choose to enroll in hands-on schooling or get formal education. Both methods offer quality training and can lead to better-paying jobs. However, not everyone can afford to attend school full-time. A good alternative is to find a mentor in the industry. In exchange for learning the basics of grooming, a mentor can pay you to help him or her.

Some training courses also cover health and safety. Some include information on how to handle difficult breeds and common parasites. Others include detailed instructions on how to care for puppies and older dogs. Some courses also cover the proper way to clean and trim long hair.

On-the-job training

If you’re interested in becoming a dog groomer, there are many places you can start. Pet stores and animal shelters are great places to start as an apprentice or volunteer. You can also work as an assistant to a groomer with more experience. On-the-job training is crucial if you want to be successful.

There are also online schools that offer training. These schools are generally more expensive than their classroom counterparts, but they offer more hands-on experience and a comprehensive curriculum. Moreover, you’ll get the opportunity to groom dozens of dogs. This will help you gain valuable experience in the field.


Dog groomers should have the proper insurance for their businesses. These policies cover the cost of veterinary bills and other costs for accidents that might occur while working with animals. Aside from these, some policies include business interruption coverage, which ensures continued business operations even when the premises are damaged. Another type of insurance is workers’ compensation insurance, which covers the costs of injured employees and lost wages.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement in most states. Insurance is vital for pet groomers because it covers their employees’ compensation in the event of a workplace accident. The job of a groomer is dangerous, and the tools used to groom the pets can cause injuries. It is also possible for a groomer to accidentally stab themselves with sharp equipment. Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and can help a dog groomer recover quickly.