If you’re worried about putting your cat in the car for the first time, there are a few steps you can take to prepare him for the trip. Try taking your cat on short trips and letting him get used to being in the car. By gradually introducing him to the car, he will learn to ride in it without any fear. You can also rub a towel over his scent glands, which will help him feel more comfortable in the car.

Bring familiar smells

Bringing familiar scents from home can help calm your cat during a long car trip. But you need to pick the right items for your cat. Not just any blanket will do, so make sure you choose those that your cat feels comfortable with. This way, he or she will feel secure and relaxed.

Remember that cats are very sensitive and will sense your stress level. Try to put on a brave face when traveling so that your cat does not notice the stress level of your trip. If you notice your cat is nervous about the trip, put on a brave face and bring familiar scents to the car.

Allow your cat to get familiar with your car

The best way to reassure your cat when you’re driving is to allow it sometime in the car before taking it on long trips. This will help it get used to the car and reduce any fear it may have. For example, try driving around the neighborhood and letting your cat out afterward. You can also offer treats and catnip, which will motivate your cat to enjoy the trip in the car.

After you’ve given your cat a chance to get used to your car, it’s time to put him in his carrier. Leaving your cat out in the car is not only unsafe but can also cause him anxiety. While traveling in a car, cats seek out comfort and familiarity from humans, so it’s best to make sure your cat is comfortable in the carrier before you leave.

Allow your cat to get used to being in a carrier

The first step in preparing your cat for car trips is to allow him to become accustomed to being in a cat carrier. Begin acclimating him by taking short trips in the car while providing verbal praise and treats. It can take several days to months before your cat is used to being in a car.

During the initial steps of preparing your cat for this situation, leave the door of the carrier open. You can also practice feeding treats and letting your cat out while he is in the carrier.

Expose your cat to different situations in the car

Exposing your cat to a variety of situations in the car can help your cat to become accustomed to traveling in the car. This will build your cat’s resilience. By exposing your cat to different situations in the car, you can reduce the chances of your cat exhibiting anxiety and fear during car trips.

You can begin exposing your cat to different sounds and situations in the car before you set off. A cat can easily generalize different experiences as long as the elements are different enough. You can start the first session at a safe distance and gradually increase the distance each time.