The first step in teaching a dog to smile is to make sure that it is in a relaxed state. Try tickling his whiskers or snout with a treat and praise him when he smiles. This will make him want to smile more often, and it will make him feel good about himself.

Positive reinforcement

You can train your dog to smile by using positive reinforcement. The first step to smiling is to give your dog a treat dispenser after he smiles. Make sure you give the treat quickly because otherwise the dog may mistake it for different behavior. You should also break up training sessions to avoid boredom and to keep your dog interested. Also, never berate your dog if he does not smile, as this can encourage aggressive behaviors.

Tickling snout

The first step to teaching your dog to smile by tickling his snout is to identify the place where the tickle causes the lips to lift. Then, you can reward him for his smile by giving him a treat. Changing the rewards periodically is a good idea too. Your dog will be more likely to smile when it discovers a treat it’s not familiar with.


Treats to train a dog to smile is a great trick you can use to reward good behavior. This trick requires a lot of patience and practice. You need to know your dog’s preferred facial expressions and timing to get the best results. In general, a dog will smile when it is relaxed and having fun.


When training your dog to smile, use a variety of different rewards. It is not enough to simply give them a treat when they smile. It is also important to reward them often, so they become accustomed to receiving treats when they show signs of happiness.

Rewarding with praise

One way to train a dog to smile is by rewarding it with praise and treats. However, you should not give a treat every time your dog smiles. A random treat every now and then will work but be careful not to reward aggressive behavior. This will breed hostility and may lead to worse behavior down the road. Instead, reward your dog when she smiles and then stop rewarding her with treats for a while.