German shepherds are famous police dogs, but they can also make excellent guard dogs. They are strong and fearless, which makes them a good choice for guarding duties. These dogs are extremely intelligent and can help protect their owners when needed. However, guarding your home or property requires patience and training.


A guard dog requires obedience training before it can be used as a watchdog. Its owner should always be in control of it at all times, and the dog should be able to respond to any command. Moreover, a guard dog should be socialized with other family members and pets. A good training session should begin by ensuring that your guard dog is comfortable around other dogs and people.
Basic obedience

The first step in training a guard dog is to develop his or her basic obedience skills. This includes learning the difference between commands given by an owner and those given by strangers. You should also teach your guard dog not to accept threats from strangers. These can be dangerous.

German shepherd breed

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to use your German shepherd breed as a guard dog. First of all, you must practice training daily. The best way to do this is to set aside a specific time each day to train your dog. You should also use cue words, such as “Speak” or “Quiet” to trigger certain behaviors.

Training methods

There are several different training methods for a guard dog. Some guard dogs may need to be socialized with other pets or family members. These dogs need to interact with other family members on a regular basis and be exposed to a variety of household items and sounds. This will help the dog get to know its human family and not perceive them as threats.

Leaving warning signs on property

Leaving warning signs on your property is an important part of guard dog training. It sends a stronger message to potential trespassers, which can deter them from approaching your home. Dogs are naturally territorial, and they will patrol your property’s boundaries. Posting a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign can alert visitors that the dog will be on site.

Using trigger words

Trigger words are useful in training a guard dog to respond to specific commands. For example, when the owner says the word “sit,” the dog is likely to sit and give the owner a treat. This reinforces the command and makes the dog feel good.