When potty training your rescue dog, it’s important to choose the right spot for your pup to pee outdoors. Make sure to praise him while he’s peeing outside and use rewards when he pees outside. If you’re having problems training your pup to pee outside, see your vet. Often, the problem is a health issue, such as a kidney or urinary tract infection.

Potty training a rescue dog to pee outside

Toilet training your rescue dog is a challenging task. Each dog is different, and some are easier to potty train than others. In addition, because rescue pups have been on the street for a long time, they may have developed bad habits and may not have been used to toilet training.

Rewarding your dog for pottying outside will help him learn to associate the act with a reward. Give him a tasty treat if he does his business outside. Make sure the reward is consistent and tasty. Once your dog is trained, you can start to wean him off the treats and use playtime outside instead.

Another way to reward your dog is to put a smelly log or newspaper in the yard. This will make the area smell like the dog has been eliminated. This trick works especially well for males. Make sure to give plenty of praise afterward. This method can help you avoid the hassle of cleaning up poop and carrying bags.

Choosing a potty spot

When training your dog to pee outside, it is important to choose a place that is both safe and convenient. A sidewalk median is an ideal spot. A nearby park or deserted lot may also be ideal. While it is not always foolproof to teach your dog to use a specific spot, it is worth trying. Once you’ve established the area, keep it clean and odor-free.

While choosing a potty spot can be tricky, the process is generally not as difficult as it sounds. First, choose a spot that your dog will enjoy going to. Some dogs prefer tall grass, while others enjoy vertical surfaces. You should also take note of your dog’s current potty habits. After all, you want to create a place where they will feel comfortable and will use it regularly.

Once your dog learns to use the new spot, you can reward him or her for using the spot. If you don’t have a designated spot, you can use the doggy door to encourage your dog to go outside. You will find that your dog will be much more likely to use your designated spot if you use positive reinforcement.

Praise Puppy while he’s pottying

When potty training your puppy, you’ll want to give him lots of praise for each successful deed. Whenever he goes potty, you can reward him with 5-10 treats and a lot of praise. But it’s important to be calm when doing this. Too much excitement can make him stop pottying.

Puppies often have trouble remembering they need to go potty until they are almost too late. A good tip is to praise your puppy as soon as he sniffs the ground, a sign that he’s thinking about going potty. When you praise your puppy, try to stand in one spot, and don’t move around the yard too much. Changing your puppy’s environment can confuse him, so he won’t realize he needs to go potty.

To make house training easier for you and your puppy, use a clicker. It will help you to reinforce your puppy’s positive behavior, as well as the idea of going outside regularly. Once he begins to potty, use a clicker and reward him with treats.