There are many tips to help you train your dog to walk beside you, from using treats to keeping their attention on you. Here are some of them: short walks, Leash training, and keeping your dog’s focus on you. Follow these tips and you will soon have a well-trained dog who will walk alongside you on walks.

Leash training

Keeping your dog engaged is a key to successful leash training. It takes time to get used to new things, and distractions are common, so keep your dog’s attention focused on you. Using treats and games to keep your dog engaged will go a long way.

The first step in leash training your dog to walk beside you is to introduce treats. Use a clicker or verbal praise when your dog stands beside you. Give your dog a treat when he releases tension. Use your left foot or knee to show him the treat. Once he is quiet and does this, move the treat to the end of the leash.


A common technique for training your dog to walk beside you is to use treats as a lure. You can use a clicker or verbal praise to train your pup. You can then reward him with a treat when he stays by your side for several steps. You can also slack off a bit on the treats if your pup starts weaving.

When you want your dog to come to you, place some treats in your hand and call your dog’s attention to it. Then, say the cue word in a very excited tone, and reward your dog when it approaches you. Dogs are extremely motivated by the anticipation of the reward. Once your dog comes to you consistently, take your dog on a walk.

Short walks

Taking your pup for a short walk is a great way to exercise and socialize with your dog. While walking on a leash, you should remember to keep your dog close to your side. This will help prevent your pup from pulling or stopping frequently. Try taking your pup out for five minutes at a time to begin. Eventually, you can extend your walk to ten minutes and beyond.

Before walking with your dog, make sure that she understands her role. If she starts to pull or whine at the leash, take it easy. She will respond better to calm actions and words. Once she calms down, you can move forward to clip on the leash.

Discourage pulling

While walking your dog, make sure to reward your dog whenever he stays near your side and looks at you. You can use a clicker to encourage him to walk beside you. It’s also helpful to use a treat as a reward for staying near you.

While some dogs are naturally inclined to walk next to you, most dogs need a little training. When teaching your dog how to walk beside you, always make sure to use a high-quality treat. It’s best to avoid smelly or dry treats, as these don’t encourage proper behavior.