If you want to keep your cats from sitting in your car, there are a few ways you can discourage them. You can use a honking horn or tap the hood or fender of your car to scare them off. After a while, your cat should get the idea that a vehicle is not a good place to spend time.

Motion-activated lights

If you have a car that often attracts cats, you can scare them off with motion-activated lights. These devices are inexpensive and simple to install. Be sure to test them by turning them on with a flashlight first to see if they scare the cat.

Motion-activated sprinklers can also discourage cats from sleeping in cars. If a cat fears the water, it may dig its claws into the paint. Set these sprinklers at a distance of at least 40 feet away from the car. If a cat tries to climb on the car, the sprinkler will automatically drench it.

Homemade repellent spray

You can make a homemade repellent spray to keep cats from sitting in your car. You can mix several drops of essential oils, such as orange, peppermint, or lavender, and add them to a spray bottle. The key is to use essential oils that aren’t poisonous to cats. Peppermint, for example, can be toxic to cats in high doses.

Cats can smell food scraps on your car, and they prefer shady areas. You can spray your car with a cat repellent that is non-corrosive and won’t harm the paint. But be sure to spot-test the spray before you spray it on your car’s paint job.

Aluminum foil

If you want to distract your cat and keep him or her from hopping onto the car’s dashboard, one way to do this is to place an aluminum foil square on the dashboard. Your cat may be scared at first, but once it gets used to the foil, he or she will most likely accept it.

Despite its attractive appearance, aluminum foil is a strange sight to a cat. The shiny, reflective surface can seem like water to the cat, which makes it shy away. Luckily, most cat breeds dislike getting wet, so they’ll usually stay away.

Plastic carpet chair mats

Plastic carpet chair mats are an effective way to keep cats off your car. You can place them in strategic places around your car, and they will deter cats from getting on them. However, they must be replaced regularly, and you must remove them in the morning. Plastic carpet chair mats can also work as cat repellents. The key is to make sure they have plastic spikes underneath.

Motion-activated sprinklers

If you’d like to protect your car from feline visitors, consider installing a sprinkler system. Motion-activated sprinklers work by sending a burst of water in the general direction of the cat, scaring it away from the area. These devices are most effective when placed in a location where the cats can’t easily reach. However, you’ll have to remember to turn the sprinkler off after it finishes spraying.

Fortunately, installing motion-activated sprinklers in your yard is a relatively easy and effective solution. These devices make a loud clicking sound that deters cats from approaching your car. The noise may not be enough to scare the cat, but it will give it a warning that it shouldn’t go near your car.