To help your dog be calm in the car, you can use a variety of techniques. Some of these techniques include Thundershirt, Desensitization, and Counterconditioning. These techniques can all help your dog become accustomed to the car. These tips can help your dog become calm in the car without the use of violent punishment.


If your dog has a fear of the car, desensitization can help him or her overcome this fear. This method involves repeatedly exposing your dog to the motion of a moving car. Give your dog treats before and after the ride and encourage calm behavior with praise and attention. If your dog becomes nervous, try reintroducing a treat if the car stops and lets you pet it. Desensitization works best if your dog remains calm during the entire training process.


A counterconditioning technique helps a dog associate good things with a certain situation. This method is like desensitization but is different. With desensitization, your dog is exposed to things and people that trigger fear. When your puppy is calm, you can reward him or her for moving toward the car. In counterconditioning, you will reward the dog by using treats and praise.


One of the best ways to calm a dog in the car is to use a Thundershirt. These are easy to put on and provide nearly instant relief. The Thundershirt is especially helpful for older dogs. According to the Thundershirt company, more than 80 percent of dogs using this product experience calming.

Music with whistling

Dogs can read our emotions, so they’ll sometimes change their behavior based on how we’re feeling. To avoid this, try playing music that calms your dog down. Then sing along with it! Remember that this strategy won’t work on older dogs because they don’t have the same heightened sense of hearing as humans.


Treats can be an effective way to calm your dog in the car. But be careful to not ruin your dog’s diet. Use treats as a welcome to the car and continue to offer them while inside the car. If possible, you can also give treats while the car is parked in your driveway.