During this time, you will need to be aware of your dog’s behavior and provide it with the right amount of rest and play. You can tell if your dog is in heat by observing how he acts and how much rest he needs. During this time, it is best to keep him indoors. Keep in mind that your dog will be more restless and tired than usual, so you will need to adjust his routine accordingly.


When a female dog is in heat, the animal is in a phase known as anestrus. This is a rest period between proestrus and diestrus. It lasts anywhere from four to twenty-four days and is when the body prepares for the next possible pregnancy. During this time, a female dog will stop showing signs of heat, and male dogs will have little interest in mating with her.


Knowing when your dog is in heat can help you protect him. When your dog is in heat, it will have an increased tendency to wiggle its tail excessively, indicating its readiness to mate. A female dog will also hold its tail up in a suggestive position and raise its tail to one side. These behaviors become even more apparent when the dog is touched.

Licking excessively

The first step in caring for a dog that is licking excessively is addressing the underlying cause of the condition. There are several traditional and natural treatments available to help the problem. Several factors can contribute to this behavior, including allergies, external parasites, and fungus or bacterial infections.

Using dog period diapers

Using dog period diapers is a great way to care for a female dog in heat. During proestrus, female dogs bleed. They also urinate more frequently. If you have a female dog in heat, you’ll want to protect the house from blood stains by using dog diapers.

Separating a dog in heat

Separating a dog in heat is crucial in preventing unwanted pregnancies. The ideal separation period for female dogs is between three and four weeks. During this time, it is best to confine the female dog to the house. Male dogs should not be around the female during the period. Dogs should also be separated by a solid barrier (not a baby gate).