When you travel, dog vacation care is essential to ensure your dog’s safety and well-being. While you’re away, be sure to leave your pet’s food and water dishes at home and provide a schedule of daily activities. If your pet exhibits behavioral problems, discuss potential solutions with your care provider. And never forget to leave an unwashed tee shirt for your pet.

Pet boarding facilities

If you’re going on vacation, you may want to consider hiring a pet boarding facility for your pet’s vacation care. Pet boarding facilities provide a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for your dog. They can provide a variety of services, including medical care, exercise, and grooming. Many facilities follow a daily routine, which can be beneficial for your dog.

In-home pet sitting

When selecting an in-home pet sitter, it is important to find a pet sitter who meets your pet’s specific needs. Before hiring a sitter, it is important to discuss your pet’s personality, medical history, and general care needs with the sitter. Likewise, you should ask for references and ask the sitter for their insurance and licensing information.


Dogs can have fun at a daycare facility while you’re gone on vacation. Visiting a daycare can relieve your dog of the stress and fatigue of long-term separation. Not to mention that daycare places are designed with your pet’s safety in mind. The staff at these establishments are compassionate and will treat your dog with kindness. Additionally, you can communicate with the staff so that they are aware of your dog’s needs.

Crate-free facilities

Unlike a traditional kennel, crate-free facilities are open to dogs of all ages. Some facilities also offer daycare packages for your canine companion. They have an indoor play area and a private outdoor area. Some offer trial days for new clients.

Traveling by car

If you are planning a long trip with your dog, you will want to stop at a dog-friendly attraction along the way. Aside from giving your pet a break from the car, this is also an excellent opportunity to prepare for potential problems, such as rain or natural disasters. As a result, it is important to pack your dog’s supplies accordingly.


Motorhome dog vacation care can be as simple as making sure your pup is comfortable and happy while on the road. Bringing extra food and fresh water is an important consideration, but you should also stock your RV with dog-friendly supplies. Also, pack your pet’s favorite toys so that he or she can have fun and relax while on the road. Make sure to include plenty of toys, food, and water in your RV so that your dog will have plenty to do while you’re gone.