Dogs can be pregnant for a variety of reasons. They may not be used to pregnancy and might need some assistance during labor. Pregnancy in dogs can be dangerous for puppies, so you should use care when handling them during the birth process. First-time mothers usually require little human assistance during labor, but they may face challenges during delivery. For these dogs, round-tip scissors are safer to use and will reduce the risk of excessive bleeding. You may also want to use a hemostat to stop excessive bleeding.

Exercise during pregnancy

It’s important to keep your dog physically active during pregnancy. While most pregnant dogs should be kept off strenuous exercise equipment, a gentle stroll in the yard is a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy. It’s also a good idea to limit contact with other dogs. A 15-minute walk is ideal.

Avoiding over-the-counter medications

The use of over-the-counter medications to treat your dog during pregnancy is generally not recommended. Pregnant dogs need special attention, including carefully monitoring their diet and medications. They should also be given plenty of exercises, although not too strenuous. It’s also not necessary to give your dog vitamin supplements, as many of these can cause harm, particularly calcium supplements.

Avoiding intensive training

Pregnant dogs need a calm household and should avoid extended visitors and sleepovers. While most dogs adjust to pregnancy quite easily, there may be times when your dog becomes nervous and may avoid being exposed to strangers.

Setting up a whelping box

Setting up a whelping box is an essential step in helping your dog give birth safely. This box will protect the puppies from germs and the mess that will be created during the delivery. This box will also help keep the mother dog and the puppies safe and warm. It is essential that you set it up early to get your dog comfortable with it. Encourage your dog to lie and sleep in the box and place familiar objects inside the box. Don’t wait until the last minute to introduce your dog to the whelping box.

Keeping your dog’s body temperature normal

If you have a pregnant dog, you should take her temperature daily, especially during the last seven days before giving birth. It is important to notice any sudden decrease in her body temperature, which can mean contractions are starting. A dog’s normal body temperature is 100.5 degrees, but during pregnancy, this can drop to as low as 99 degrees.

Symptoms of metritis in a pregnant dog

If your dog is experiencing metritis symptoms, it is best to get a veterinary checkup right away. Treatment for metritis for pregnant dogs includes antibiotics, supportive care, and probiotics. Metritis is most common in dogs after a stressful or unusual pregnancy or when a dog delivers a large litter. You should get your dog to the veterinarian immediately for blood work and a thorough examination.