If you’re looking to improve your dog’s health and fitness, help them recover from injury or illness, or just give them a mental break from the noise of the world outside, dog treadmills are an ideal choice. Not only do they allow your pup to get all the benefits of exercise without you having to leave home, but many come with pre-set workout programs designed specifically for stimulation.

Getting Your Dog Started
Before beginning treadmill training with your pup, it is essential that they become familiar with its sound and movement. Use treats or other rewards as reinforcement and gradually guide your pup along at a slow pace until they’re comfortable walking or trotting along at their own pace. Once this is accomplished, gradually increase their speed on the machine one point at a time until they are confident taking on longer sessions.

The treadmill can also be an excellent tool to teach dogs new exercises or skills, such as running and jumping. According to research conducted at the University of Minnesota by researchers, dogs who used a dog treadmill were significantly more likely to participate in desired activities than those without (see below).

Teaching Your Dog How To Walk On A Treadmill
Once your pup is comfortable with the machine, you can begin training them about its incline and speed. Trainers like Angela Becker recommend starting with short sessions of reinforcement; just like human training, reward your pup every few steps as you increase their speed and time on the treadmill.

If you’re uncertain of how to train your dog on a dog treadmill, consulting with an experienced trainer or veterinarian is recommended. They can assist in selecting the appropriate type of treadmill for your pup and offer tips on acclimating them to its sounds and movements.

Smaller Dogs Need More Space
If your pup is small, then a treadmill that can fit their legs may be necessary. For example, the LifePro Dog Treadmill is specifically designed with small dogs in mind and is perfect for puppies or smaller canines who struggle to balance on their own. It comes with 12 preset workout programs, a remote control, and an LCD screen that shows speed, calorie burn, and time progress.

Selecting the Ideal Dog Treadmill
When shopping for a dog treadmill, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate your pet and easy to move around the house. Additionally, ensure it has all of the features necessary such as an integrated computer that can track progress, and an adjustable incline.

The LifePro Dog Treadmill is an ideal option for small dogs, as it can support up to 55 pounds and has several preset workout programs that stimulate your pup’s body. With an adjustable incline, remote control, and LCD display you can monitor distance traveled, speed, and calorie burn with ease.