When it comes to selecting dog food, you need to make sure you choose one that promotes good urinary health. There are several types of dog food: Wet kibble, Dry kibble, Grain-free, and Chewy. There are some advantages to all types.

Chewy dog food

A urinary health diet for dogs may contain a combination of dry and wet foods. A veterinarian can prescribe a special diet for your dog, but you can also purchase some off-the-shelf items. Supplementing dry kibble with wet food is an effective way to increase your dog’s fluid intake. Dry kibble is easily available and convenient to store. Wet food is a great treat for your dog and can be a great option for dogs that don’t like to eat much.

Dry kibble

A dry kibble diet is a good choice for your dog’s urinary health. It is low in sodium and contains carefully calculated levels of essential nutrients. Your dog should also get plenty of vitamins and minerals, as a deficiency in these nutrients can lead to kidney stones. Dry kibble is a good alternative to canned dog food.


Some grain-free dog food brands are designed to improve urinary health. These foods are usually high in protein and moisture. This type of food helps dogs have more regular urination, which helps them filter out the bad stuff faster. Another advantage is the lower carbohydrate content.

Wet kibble

The best way to provide your dog with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is to feed them a diet that is rich in whole food ingredients. A raw food diet is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals. Many foods contain anti-inflammatory properties, and cooling foods like cranberry and spinach can help your dog avoid the painful symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Ensure that your dog gets plenty of water, which is a key part of urinary health.

Hill’s U/D formula

Hill’s U/D formula dog food is a veterinarian-formulated food that helps dogs maintain urinary health. This food is made with specific ingredients to help prevent urinary tract problems, including crystals. It also supports the heart and immune system. This dog food is made in the USA, making it safe for your pet to eat.

Purina Pro Plan Ox/St

Purina Pro Plan Ox/St canine formula is made with high-quality ingredients that help prevent the development of urinary stones in dogs. Veterinary nutritionists and veterinarians collaborate to create these therapeutic diets, which help to promote healthy urinary tract function. This dog food is ideal for all breeds and can help to dissolve existing uroliths and prevent new ones from forming.