Large dog breeds make ideal pet parents who have plenty of room and enjoy spending time outdoors. However, some big dogs may require more attention than other breeds, so research the large dog breed that best fits your lifestyle before making a final decision.

Popular large dog breeds include Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and German Shepherds; however, there are many more big-hearted options available too. If you need a pup that can keep up with your kids or just hang out on your couch at night, one of these pups will make an ideal addition to any family.

They’re highly intelligent, so you can expect them to behave well when training. The only downside of owning a large dog is that they often require more exercise than smaller breeds do, so it’s essential to plan ahead and remain consistent with training sessions.

The English Mastiff is one of the largest dog breeds, standing 27 to 35 inches tall and weighing up to 200 pounds. Descended from ancient war dogs, this giant canine makes an excellent family companion due to their high intelligence level.

This enormous, wolf-like dog makes an excellent family companion and doesn’t get too aggressive with other pets. They are highly obedient and capable of performing any task that requires obedience training.

Saint Bernards were originally bred as avalanche rescue dogs and are large and sturdy with an endearing demeanor. While they may be slightly overweight and have a shorter lifespan than other larger breeds, Saint Bernards make great family pets.

Their wrinkled faces and sweet eyes make them a hit with fans. They make loyal companions for older children, but be wary of drool!

Norwegian Elkhounds are energetic dogs who need plenty of outdoor exercises. These breeds have a long history of hunting large game such as elk, making them ideal family dogs that can stay in the same home throughout their lives.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a large breed that requires plenty of exercises, yet they possess an unbreakable loyalty and love for their owner. Not only are they good with children, but they have an incredibly long lifespan too – though some health issues like hip dysplasia, heart disease, and hyperkeratosis should be taken into consideration.

They may experience seizures, so having them examined by a veterinarian is recommended.

The Golden Retriever is a beloved choice among Americans due to his big heart and ease of training. They’re especially beloved among families with children due to his love for people and intelligence.

These puppies can grow to be up to 65 pounds when fully mature, making them great with kids and other dogs. Additionally, they tend to be highly energetic as well as affectionate.