There are several natural remedies for dog car anxiety that are effective. These include Hemp oil, Bach flower essences, and CBD oil. You may also consider supplements such as Zylkene. These supplements are safe for your dog and may be used together with other travel anxiety therapies. However, it is important to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplements. Moreover, be sure to avoid giving your dog any supplements if your dog is pregnant or nursing or suffers from serious medical conditions or a serious illness.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil has many benefits, including its ability to ease anxiety, which is common in dogs who travel by car. It works by increasing the production of serotonin, which is responsible for maintaining mood. In addition, it activates serotonin receptors, which causes an anti-anxiety effect. In addition, most veterinarians approve of the safe use of hemp oil for dogs. While there have been reports of some side effects, these are usually related to pre-existing health conditions.

Many dogs are fearful of car travel, and the noise and uncomfortable feeling inside the car can cause anxiety. Additionally, extreme stress can cause nausea, and CBD oil has been proven to ease car sickness. If you are considering using CBD oil for your dog’s car anxiety, it’s best to start giving it to your dog before you take them on a trip.

Bach flower essences

Bach flower essences are based on the work of Dr. Edward Bach, who developed homeopathy and studied the healing power of flowers. He discovered that the vibrational state of flowers correlated with a person’s physical and emotional condition. He created 38 flower essence formulations for the purpose of curing disease.

These flower essences are safe to use on dogs. The botanical component of the formula is diluted so that there is little chance of a negative reaction. A dog should take a few drops at least four times a day. They are also safe for people and other animals, including horses.

CBD oil

CBD oil can help soothe your dog’s anxiety and help him calm down before and during travel. This can help calm the dog’s mood and prevent it from vomiting during the trip. The oil should be given twice daily. It is more effective if taken with food. CBD helps calm down your dog during stressful moments and can improve the quality of his life.

Your dog may have car anxiety due to repeated travel or trauma from an accident. Aside from the anxiety, your dog may also experience car sickness because of repeated car trips. So, it’s important to treat the cause before treating the anxiety.


Zylkene is a natural supplement that helps rebalance your dog’s reaction to stressful situations. It can help your pet stay calm and relaxed during stressful events, such as car trips, loud noises, grooming, and meeting new people. It works by reducing anxiety levels and can be given directly to your dog by mouth or mixed into their favorite food. It is best to give Zylkene to your pet at least two days before stressful events, but some pets may need to take it earlier. It is important to remember that Zylkene is for intermittent use, so you should be careful with your dog’s diet.

There are also medications that can help your dog deal with car anxiety. These medications may be prescribed by your vet. These medications help your dog relax and reduce the sensations of anxiety and nausea. In addition, they may help your dog sleep in the car.


There are a few tricks and products on the market for dogs to calm themselves while traveling in cars. Try a few different products and methods and see which one works for you. These products may be helpful in treating dog car anxiety and should be used with caution. It is best to consult a veterinarian before using any products.

Pheromones are calming substances that help a dog relax. These can help a dog relax during travel and other stressful situations. Some pheromones are even produced by the female dog after giving birth to calm a newborn pup.