If your dog is starting to exhibit certain symptoms, you may want to visit your veterinarian for an evaluation. This article will discuss the causes and symptoms of common dog ailments and how you can diagnose and treat them. These symptoms can be the result of any number of factors, including several different health issues.


There are many symptoms that indicate an aging pet may be suffering from a serious health problem. These symptoms can vary from a simple change in behavior to an early stage of cancer. Therefore, it’s important to bring your pet to the vet for an examination as early as possible to identify any possible problems.

One of the most common problems experienced by older dogs is urinary tract disease. Urinary tract disease can cause your dog to be incontinent and may lead to other problems. A vet can detect urinary tract disease with an abdominal X-ray. Another common problem among older dogs is incontinence, and medical treatment can help with this problem. Endocrine problems can affect a dog’s ability to control urine. These can be treated with medications, which may improve his attitude.


Old dog health problems can range from a simple change in behavior to serious medical conditions such as cancer. The first step in detecting a problem is to take your pet to a veterinarian to get the proper diagnosis. Then you should monitor their behavior to determine if it is an early sign of a disease.

One of the most common symptoms of old age in dogs is joint stiffness. This can be aggravated by cold weather. It is important to keep joint function as healthy as possible to prevent arthritic changes. For instance, a vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication for your dog to prevent stiffness and pain.


If you notice changes in your dog’s behavior, he or she may be showing symptoms of a health problem. These changes should be reported to a veterinarian for an examination. There are many common dog health problems that can be easily treated with simple preventative measures. Some of these health problems include:

One common dog health problem is joint stiffness, which can be especially severe in cold weather. As dogs age, the joints gradually lose their elasticity and become weak and stiff. This condition is called arthritic, and it causes your dog to experience pain in one or more joints. A veterinarian will prescribe medications for your dog to ease the discomfort. Other remedies include a proper diet and exercise.