When it comes to safety, car seats for dogs are a huge consideration. Here are some top picks for your pup. Crash-tested by CPS, the Sleepypod Click-It Sports safety harness secures your dog’s torso to the seat with a seat belt system. It also features shock-absorbing sleeves and a padded vest to keep your pup comfortable. Plus, it doubles as a walking harness. This harness passed the crash test for dogs weighing up to 90 pounds, so you can rest assured that your pet is well-protected.

Dotouud Small Dog Booster Seat

The Dotouud Small Dog Booster seat is a unique car seat for your dog. It is designed to sit on the center console between the car’s armrests, allowing your dog to enjoy the view while staying close to you. It is also hypoallergenic and made from pure cotton.

However, it is not ideal for large or older dogs as the seat does not fit flush with the bottom of the seat. In addition, some larger dogs may need assistance getting into the seat, and the seat may not fit snugly in the vehicle’s back seat.

Kurgo Booster Seat

When choosing a car seat for your dog, consider the size of your vehicle. Smaller cars will fit a small dog in a small seat, while large, tall cars will need a medium or large seat. While both sizes will provide comfort for your dog, small sizes will probably be too cramped for a long dog. If your dog is prone to car sickness, a medium seat might be better.

Another advantage of this seat is its affordability. It can be bought at a low price and is easy to install. If your dog grows too big, it may fall out of the seat. You can also clean it easily. But be aware that the bottom layer of the seat is not waterproof and may drop slightly.

XL pods

Dogs are not the only passengers in your car, and you shouldn’t try to put them in an ordinary car seat. There are plenty of dog seats available that can fit a larger dog. The XL Pod, for instance, can accommodate larger dogs. This luxury car seat features three adjustable leash seat belts for your pet’s safety and comfort. Whether you’re traveling long distances or to the dog park, the XL Pod will allow your dog to enjoy the ride without being uncomfortable.

These car seats also feature a high back that provides support to the dog’s back during braking. This means that even if you crash, your dog won’t be thrown out of the car. This feature is especially useful if your dog is large and cannot lie down comfortably in a regular car seat.


The Kong car seat is a versatile dog car seat that fits in the cargo area of a vehicle. It has adjustable straps and headrests to provide maximum comfort and security for your dog. It also features multiple storage pockets and a washable, waterproof outer cover. It can comfortably hold one medium or large dog or two small dogs.

This car seat is easy to install and secure. It also comes with an adjustable leash for easy mobility. Beau was able to sit in his seat without jumping out and seemed completely comfortable.

Sleepypod Click-It Sport

When it comes to the safety of your dog, you need to choose the right car seat. Click-It Sport dog car seats meet the same safety standards as child safety seats. They offer three points of contact for maximum safety. They are also lightweight and easy to use. Their harness has reflective stripes and a reflective logo for added safety. They are also tested by the Center for Pet Safety.

The Click-It Sport harness can be used as a car seat or as a harness for everyday walks. It makes loading your dog into the car much easier. But it’s not suitable for high-performing or active dogs.