Shiba dogs are widely popular throughout Japan and beyond, serving as their country’s number one companion dog. Recently they’ve even gained recognition in America.

Shiba Inus, as they are commonly called, are highly intelligent dogs that demonstrate fierce loyalty to their owners. Due to their strong wills and stubborn natures, it’s important to train them from a young age if they exhibit fearfulness or anxiety-prone tendencies.

They may experience separation anxiety, so it is essential to socialize with other dogs, people, and new situations when they are puppies. Doing this teaches them to trust and ability to stay calm in unfamiliar settings.

These dogs are highly energetic and require plenty of exercises each day. Homes with large fenced yards where they can run around and play are ideal, but no matter where they live, taking them for walks or hikes several times daily is beneficial for their well-being.

This dog is an extremely fastidious creature, so it is essential to brush them regularly in order to keep their coats clean and healthy. Additionally, vacuuming their fur on a regular basis and checking for fleas is recommended.

Shiba dogs may experience anxiety or depression if they do not receive enough physical activity, so it is essential that owners ensure their pup gets enough exercise. This can be accomplished by taking them on short jogs or walks with their owners, or running together in the backyard.

Their hunting instincts may have made them prone to chasing small animals, so it is best not to leave them outdoors for extended periods of time. Furthermore, if left alone in their fenced yard, they may try to escape and escape; therefore, keep them on a leash until properly trained.

Shiba dogs are especially prone to obesity, so it’s essential to monitor their food intake and make sure they get enough exercise. To check if your Shiba dog is overweight, place your hand on their back with thumbs along their spine, spreading your fingers downward.

If you can feel your pet’s ribs, they likely need to lose weight. Feed them a high-quality diet – either commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s approval – for optimal results.

A healthy Shiba can be an absolute joy to have in your life. If you’re searching for a canine companion who is intelligent, energetic, and entertaining, the Shiba is the ideal breed!

They are very loving and affectionate, yet also quite independent. Therefore, it’s not recommended for families with children under six since these dogs can be quite stubborn and may opt to bite if they feel frustrated or upset.

They can be prone to allergies, so it’s essential that you monitor their diet and avoid foods that make them itchy or irritated. This issue occurs in many dog breeds; thus, understanding the symptoms of each can help avoid developing allergies in the first place.