A dog’s teeth can cause a lot of pain, particularly when they have abscessed roots. This condition can be treated with a variety of tools by a veterinarian. These tools include dental chews and dental wipes. Special kibble is also available. However, there are some tips and dos you should keep in mind when caring for your dog’s teeth.

Dos and don’ts

Dog teeth care crucial for your dog’s oral health. While you may be tempted to just brush your dog’s teeth to keep them clean, you need to remember that brushing your dog’s teeth is not only necessary for cleanliness but can also cause tooth fractures, requiring root canal therapy or even extraction. While you should not brush your dog’s teeth inside the gums, you should still brush all its teeth and check for red gums. Always consult with your veterinarian before brushing your dog’s teeth.

Providing a healthy, nutritious diet is another important consideration. Grinding raw foods or air-dried food can help reduce tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. Avoid feeding your dog processed foods, which are among the biggest causes of plaque and tartar on dog teeth.

Cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes for dog teeth are a great way to give your dog a clean, healthy mouth. These wipes are made with sodium benzoate and sodium bicarbonate to effectively remove tartar and plaque buildup from your dog’s teeth. This will not only keep your dog’s teeth cleaner for longer but will also benefit your dog’s overall health. A great benefit of using dental wipes for your dog is the apple peppermint flavor.

Cleaning wipes for dog teeth are available in several different brands and varieties. These wipes are easy to use and have similar benefits to spray-on dental products. Using wipes is especially helpful because they provide friction to the teeth, which is important to remove plaque. This friction is also necessary for promoting healthy gums and teeth and will also help prevent infections that can lead to tooth decay and other serious health problems.

Special kibble

Dogs have special teeth care needs, and it’s important to find the right diet. Some dog food brands offer specific dental care kibbles. These foods can help your dog maintain good oral health by preventing plaque buildup. Some can even help freshen your dog’s breath.

Dental kibbles are made with specially shaped kibble pieces that are shaped to create friction. The pieces are designed to work from the gums up to the lower teeth, and they control plaque and tartar. These foods are also high in protein to aid digestion.