If your dog is car sick, it’s important to know what to give him or her to make the trip go smoother. This is something that may require trial and error but will help you make the trip more comfortable for your dog. If you know what to give your dog for car sickness, he or she will be able to get better in a short period of time.

Homeopathic remedies

If you have a dog that gets car sick, you may want to try homeopathic remedies. These remedies are effective at alleviating the symptoms of motion sickness in dogs and are gentle on the dog’s body. They are a great option for dogs that seem anxious when traveling by car or on the subway and can be given to your dog before a long trip.


Medications for car-sick dogs can be a lifesaver for your pup. These drugs have proven safe and are licensed for use in dogs. These medications are available at most veterinarians, grocery stores, and even some gas stations.


Ginger has many benefits for your dog and can be given in several forms. It can be taken in a powder, capsule, or liquid tincture. It can also be given as a fresh root or sliced into small pieces. In either case, you should give it to your dog an hour before traveling. To avoid adverse side effects, consult your vet for the correct dosage and frequency. If you do choose to use a liquid formulation, be sure that it doesn’t contain xylitol, which may be harmful to your pet.


To prevent your dog from becoming car sick, give them a few activities to do during your trip. These will keep them busy and distracted while you’re driving. Besides, these activities will help them get used to being in a car.

Lower car windows

Lowering the car windows will help your dog feel more comfortable during a car trip. By doing this, you’ll be balancing the air pressure inside the car with the outside air, which will reduce any nausea or vomiting your pet might experience.

Ginger chews

Ginger is a natural remedy for car sickness and other digestive problems. It can be given to dogs or humans in the form of tea, ginger chews, or even ginger tincture. You can also provide your dog with treats that include ginger and other natural ingredients like pumpkin or probiotics. These treats can help your dog associate a positive experience with the car and may even decrease anxiety.


Dogs are vulnerable to car sickness and allergies, and Benadryl is an excellent antihistamine to help them feel better. However, it is important to consult your veterinarian before giving Benadryl to your dog. If your dog has an existing health condition or if your pet has a history of allergies, Benadryl may cause an adverse reaction.


If your dog is suffering from car sickness, you might want to consider giving him Dramamine. Although the drug isn’t approved for use in dogs, many veterinarians are willing to prescribe it because of its low risk of side effects. The medication is an antihistamine that works by preventing the dog’s brain from being overstimulated by the motion. Over-stimulation of this part of the brain leads to symptoms like dizziness and nausea.