The dog car seat provides your furry friend a secure place while riding along in your vehicle. Not only does it protect the upholstery of your vehicle from stains and smells, but it also keeps them from getting cramped into the front or back seats, allowing them to view outside while reducing motion sickness during long drives.

The ideal dog car seats are made from durable material that will withstand regular usage and easy cleaning. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate small dogs as well as larger breeds.

Booster Style Dog Car Seats
Booster-style dog seats are designed to hang from the headrest of a car and are ideal for small dogs. They’re typically cushioned and lined with plush material, providing your furry friend with a comfortable ride in the back.

These dog car seats are much cheaper than other options and come in an array of colors, styles, and patterns to match your vehicle’s interior design. Plus, they fold flat for storage in your trunk – great if you have to transport a larger pup that cannot fit into a regular dog car seat.

Bucket Style Dog Car Seats
Another popular type of dog seat is the bucket-style seat, which looks like a regular dog bed and allows your pooch to lie down in the back. They tend to be smaller than basket-style seats and thus better suited for small breeds since they provide better access to outside views.

Installing these dog seats is much simpler than the hammock-style model, as they don’t need to be strapped onto your car’s headrest. They come in two sizes – large and x-large – suitable for dogs up to 20 pounds.

Some of these have mesh sides to keep your dog from getting squished when trying to exit the seat. Furthermore, they tend to be more affordable than other dog car seats and easier to clean.

The basket-style dog car seat is the most common type, consisting of a rectangular shape padded and lined with fleece-like material. While they tend to be cheaper than other options on this list, their quality may not match up, so be wary before making your purchase.

When selecting a dog car seat, crash testing is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Crash-tested means that the seat has been evaluated in actual car accidents and proven safe for your pup to ride in.

In addition to crash testing, most dog car seats come with warranties and are priced competitively. If you find a model that costs more than others on this list, it likely has higher-quality materials or is better designed.