Your veterinarian may suggest giving your pet Denamarin, a supplement that supports liver function. This common veterinary prescription drug is prescribed for various conditions affecting the liver.

Before giving your pet this medication, there are a few things to be aware of: how to administer it and any potential side effects. Always follow your vet’s instructions for giving the correct dosage of this drug for your pup.

Giving Denamarin to Dogs
Your veterinarian may suggest that your pup take one tablet of medication daily. For optimal absorption, give it on an empty stomach (two hours after eating or an hour before), so they don’t feel guilty afterward!

When selecting a tablet size for your dog or cat, it’s essential to consult your vet first. Small pups up to 12 lbs can take one 90 mg tablet containing 9 mg silybin A B, while those over 12 lbs require an increased dose.

Denamarin for dogs comes in a chewable form that’s designed to taste great and comes with single-dose packaging. This type of Denamarin can be administered faster than coated forms and ensures your pup receives an even amount of SAMe.

How to Determine if My Dog Is Receiving the Correct Dose of Denamarin for Liver Disease

A variety of tests are done on your pet to confirm they are taking their prescribed dose of Denamarin. The most common is an AST or ALT blood count, which measures how well the liver is working.

Other tests can be run to check for signs that your pet’s liver is inflamed or enlarged, both of which indicate they may need to take medication for an extended period of time. Although these tests are costly and time-consuming, the benefits outweigh any inconvenience in the long run.

You can monitor your pet’s progress at home by monitoring their attitude, appetite, and activity level. If they start showing improvement at home, it could be a sign that the supplement is working.

Take the pills in the morning or before meals to prevent stomach irritation that might make it harder for your pet to take them. It’s also wise to give a small amount of water after taking the pill as this helps ensure your pet swallows it easily.

What is the Difference between Denamarin and Milk Thistle?
Both supplements contain silybin phosphatidylcholine, which has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on the liver. Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences’ Denamarin supplements contain more active silybin than standard milk thistle extract yet still offer additional benefits such as s-adenosylmethionine, which promotes brain and liver health while decreasing liver inflammation.