Dogs often do strange and adorable things. Like chewing your clothing or even licking their face. Although these behaviors may seem cute at first glance, their frequency of occurrence may cause concern if it becomes an issue for you.

Licking is a behavior commonly observed among many animals and it’s usually done to express affection. Dogs especially often lick you when they want you to know something; however, there may also be other reasons why they do it.

Dogs possess an acute sense of smell, constantly searching for new aromas. They lick people and objects to explore their environment, detect flavors in food and odors from substances like soap or perfume, as well as clean their fur to keep it healthy. Additionally, dogs use their tongues to detect dirt or contaminants on clothing.

They need your attention
If your dog is feeling isolated from its pack, it may try to lick you as a way of getting your attention. They could lick any part of you – such as an arm, hand, or face – in order to let you know that they’re missed by their friends. If this occurs, try giving the pup some treats so they won’t feel so lonely any longer!

They feel sad or depressed
If your pup is having a hard time, they might lick you to help ease their distress. This instinctive response comes naturally to dogs as they have evolved with us to respond to our feelings.

When your pups are feeling frustrated or angry, they might lick you in an effort to comfort them and take their mind off what’s troubling them. This is a normal response from dogs that can help them relax and become less distressed, according to Melissa Bain, DVM from the University of California Davis and veterinarian.

They become fatigued or thirsty
After showering, your skin leaves behind an intriguing smell and taste on your hands, arms, legs, and feet. These traces of smell and flavor are what cause them to lick you when you exit the shower.

They may feel exhausted and hungry
If your pup has had a particularly hectic day or is facing an intense situation, licking you may be their way of trying to relax or feel better. Additionally, this could also be their way of communicating that they need something to eat.

Your dog might be feeling bored and in need of some excitement if they have been left cooped up all day. This natural behavior, which they learned from their mother, could lead them to attempt to lick you.

They may feel uncertain of their lives
If your pup is going through a transition in their life, they might lick you to try and figure out what comes next. They may lick you in an attempt to figure out how best to live their new situation and need you for support.